Flames Calculator A Fun Relationship Calculator

Here is a brilliant flames calculator that provides you with details of your relationship with the person you are infatuated with in a fun way, so use this awesome flames calculator now.

There are many cool calculator prank that gives you a funny view on the outlook of your relationship.

In life there are things that you should take as they come and relations are one of them, so take the results of these flame calculator in a fun way.

FLAMES Calculator

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What is a flames calculator?

Flames calculator
Flames Calculator

Flames calculator is a fun flames game online that tests the probability of a relationship in term of its present and to what extent it can go to in future.

Flames games online is a game named after the acronym : friends, love, affection, marriage and enemies.

Remember that this method is not accurate in any sense but it is just a fun way to predict your relationship with other person, so its fun to play with your friends.

How does this flames calculator work?

It is always very hard to define the relationship status between two people in a simple word like friendship, love, affection and enemy or to predict the outcome, like marriage. 

The above Flames calculator online tool tries to find the answer to questions like "what is your relationship with other person?".

It also gives you a sense of what is going on between you and another person. 

You are only asked to enter the two names between which you want to calculate the relationship status. 

The calculator is based on quite a simple algorithm in which FLAMES stands for: 

■ Friendship; 

■ Love;

■ Affection; 

■ Marriage; 

■ Enemy; 

■ Siblings. 

The FLAMES test is actually a basic compatibility analysis that reveals to what extent the relationship between two persons can actually go, defining that within 6 simple words. 

Use Of Flames Calculator Online

You can use it as a love meter or true love flames calculator to see whether you and your crush have any chance to get really serious or simply to see what the future holds between you and the other special person you just met. 

This is just another fun name game that most young pre-teens and teens to try out with friends. You can also play the flames game on piece of paper by writing the two names for which you want the relationship reading. 

Then you need to eliminate the letters that are common to both the words, no matter how many times they do appear. The next step is to count the overall letters that remained. 

Then you use the number you obtained to count the letters from the use of word Flames. If the number is greater than 6 you have to continue counting from the letter F once again. 

The last letter on which the number lands on reveals the relationship between the two persons.

Flames calculator prank

This calculator is also called flames calculator prank as it is fun way to tease and play with your friends on their relationship answer that comes out in this calculator.


Now prank is something that we play on our loved ones in fun way, so use this calculator for that purpose only.

Real Love Calculator Flames

Love is a feeling that we all adore for someone, so using a real love calculator flames like this one to play a fun game with your loved ones is going to create a fun loving vibe and positivity for every one.

Using a real love calculator flames to play love games has been going around from centuries and people use this kind of game to have a fun moment with their loved ones.

The main purpose of any flames calculator is to help you get into a positive mindset as it is just a game, so don't take it too seriously ever.

Flames Calculator Code

The flames calculator code can be coded with the use of HTML, JAVA and CSS easily.

Codes for this type of calculator can be found on sites like github and codepen, so you can design your own flames game on blogger or any other cms and have fun.

Most people try to copy codes from other sites which is a bad thing as it can result in copyright, so just use the codes from a free source.

Thanks for using this flames calculator.

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