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 Welcome To Agrofa.in 

Welcome to agrofa.in here you will get all kinds of fruits and vegetbales and other food products for buying in wholesale price directly fresh form the farm.

Agrofa Exports and Imports is a service based company mainly dealing in agriculture and food products.

Agrofa Owners

Agrofa Exports is owned by Abhijit Kalbande and Amit Sharma.

Abhijit Kalbande

With Years of experience in Finance and banking Abhijit Kalbande looks after the financial management of the company and is responsible for overall company growth.

Amit Sharma

With years of Experience in sales and marketing Amit Sharma acts as the sales head and marketing head of the company.

List of Products Agrofa deals in 

Shortly speaking agrofa mainly deals in all type of fruits and vegetables and other food products like non-perishable foods etc.

Main Purpose of Agrofa

Main purpose of Agrofa is to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farm to buyers and industries who require fresh quality of foods.

We also take care of direct end customer and they can order directly from us if they want to.

Address Of Agrofa

Agrofa is a Nagpur based company and you find our address details on our contact us page.

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