Get Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India

India has been one of the largest producer of pomegranates, so pomegranates from India are exported to other parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. 

And Maharashtra has been one of the largest contributor in the production of pomegranates in India as Maharashtra is known as the fruit basket of India.

As per records India exported more than 51000 tons of pomegranates to various countries in year 2016 and this number has been growing every year now.

So at Agrofa we get you the most awesome pomegranate for export from Maharashtra fresh from farms, read below to get all the details.

Pomegranate Export From Maharashtra

Get Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India
Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India

We at Agrofa have a large based contact info of Pomegranates farmers from areas like Sangli, Indapur, Solapur, Ahemadnagar, Pandharpur and Sangola.

The pomegranate export from Maharashtra has been always in demand due to color and the quality of pomegranate fruit.

You can get pomegranates sizing from 180+ to 550 gms when you order from Agrofa as we have a large number of pomegranates farms in Maharashtra are.

Variety Of Pomegranates For Pomegranates Export From Maharashtra

The desirable fruit characters of fresh Bhagwa Pomegranate for export from Maharashtra that we promise are :

• High sugar content near about 16-17 Brix.

• Free from the damaged scars, rossetting, disease spots, insect injury, scratches, etc.

• Smooth fine cutting at the stem end.

• Dark broad rose pink colour of the fruit.

• Fruit weight upto 500 Gms.

• Round good shape of the fruit.

• Uniformly maintained size and shape of the fruit in a pack or box.

• Dark rose pink colored arils.

• Softness of the pomo seeds

• Pleasant taste, flavour and aroma

The above are the factors that Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India must have and we make sure we get you these.

Our Quality Control Check on Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India

We carry out the below following QC audit of the Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India that we deliver to all our customers :

• Thripes attack

• Mealy bug attacks

• Size of the fruit

• Shape of the fruit

• Colour of the fruit

• Sunburn effect

• Bacterial black spot.

• Sugar content 

Packaging For Pomegranate Export From Maharashtra

We carry out the standard packaging for Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India where we follow the procedures on :

12 count pack

15 count pack

10 count pack

The standard packaging boxes are around 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg as per the demand of our customers.

Price of Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India

The price that we offer for Pomegranates For Export From Maharashtra India mainly depends upon the market rate of the pomegranates and the price demand of the farmer.

Additional costs of packaging and transport are added to the cost of the pomegranates.

As the prices keep on changing we give out the prices as per the order quantity and market value of the pomegranates and our price structure follows the standard procedure of market so that it is feasible for our customers.

The quality of Pomegranates you get here are very great as the pomegranates so just contact us for your order.

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