Nano Urea A boon For Agriculture Sector

Here we have tried to explain you the use of Nano urea, cost of Nano Urea and its main benefits so if you own a farm read this info.

What is Nano Urea?

Nano Urea
Nano Urea

Urea that is majorly produced from the use of nano-technology to improve the overall efficiency of the nutrients of the crops is called as Nano urea. 

As per media reports the Nano urea liquid will replace the usage of conventional Urea and it can curtail its requirement by at least 50 percent.

As India has begun the commercial production of Nano Urea lets look at its importance and benefits.

The Development and Importance of Nano Urea

Nano Urea is developed to mainly replace the use of conventional urea and it can replace the requirement of the same by at least in total of 50 per cent. 

Nano urea liquid contains 40,000 parts per million (ppm) of Nitrogen in a 500 ml bottle, which is equivalent to the base impact of nitrogen nutrient provided by one bag of conventional urea, it said.

Optimizing usage and cost, increasing productivity via Nano Urea

Nano urea has been proved very beneficial to the farmer. Only 500 ml of nano urea is much better than 50 kgs bag urea.

Also the nano urea works 30% more better than the overall 50 kgs urea bag that contains around 46% nitrogen.

The base cost of 500ml nano urea approximately aroun rs.250/- and where as the cost of basic 50 kgs urea bag cost rs.325/-to340/-. So the nano urea is less than 75/- to 90/- rupees.

With the use of nano urea the crop yeilds also gives more 20 to 25%.

The transport of a basic urea bag to the crop feilds is very difficult in wet land paddy and transport cost is additional to the farmer. But when you use nano urea it gets easy as nano urea transport is very simple and no transport cost.

So this will significantly bring down the cost of logistics and warehousing..

Nano Urea A better environmental Product

As nano urea is cost-effective, nano urea liquid will also give us sustainable solution for improving the overall plant nutrition as it provides higher amount of nutrient efficiency for crops while reducing soil, water and air pollution.

Usage of nano urea also helps improving the overall structure of your field and is deemed much safer and better for the environment.

As India has released the Nano urea products in India its been forecasted that upto 2023 Nano urea usage will increase very highly.

Check out Nano Urea preparation process.

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