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Agriculture is the work of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture has played a huge role in rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming created food surpluses that has helped people to live in cities.

So if agriculture is your subject in 12th then you should feel proud of yourself. We are listing the details about the book so that you can have it.

Getting 12th Agriculture Book


12th agriculture book
12th agriculture book info

There are many websites giving 12th agriculture book online but the authenticity can not be guaranteed, also the content can be old.


So do not trust those sites and download any book from there as they can be take your details, so avoid it.


Instead get it near your local book dealer. 


12th agriculture book Names

12th Agriculture name is Krishi Jeev Vigyan made by RBSE

The main book Language is in Hindi with total  number of  chapters in all six.

1.    Krishi Vigyan Introduction

2.    Krishi Vigyan Agronomy( Click & Download PDF )

3.    Krishi Vigyan Horticulture ( Click & Download PDF)

4.    Krishi Vigyan Animal Husbandry

5.    Krishi Vigyan Practical Agronomy and Husbandry

6.    Krishi Vigyan Practical Animal Husbandry

12th agriculture chemistry book name

Book Name is in general12th Krishi Rasayan
Book Language is Hindi  and total No. of Chapter is 14.

  1. Introduction
  2. Soil, Minerals, Weathering Of Rock Soil Formation
  3. Soil Organic Matter
  4. Soil Colloids 
  5. Ion-Exchange 
  6. Soil Reaction Acid and Salt affected soils
  7. Essential Nutrients of Plants
  8. Reaction of Fertilizers in Soil & Effects on Crops
  9. Agrochemicals and Environmental Pollution
  10. Bio Chemistry
  11. Organic Manures and Bio fertilizers
  12. Dairy Chemistry

Above are the main details.


FAQ on agriculture book

What is the cost of 12th agriculture book?

The main book is by student advisor and the cost is 280rs. Total chapter in english is 15 and for hindi the cost is 280rs with basic 6 main chapters.

Disclaimer : This is to give general info on the topic only. All students who are trying to get information on agriculture book have come to the correct place.

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