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As we all love watching videos on youtube and now a days a lot of people are getting very successful on youtube with their talent, so sometimes we feel the need to download some of the cool videos or training videos for fun and learning.

But some of us do not know the basic process of downloading a youtube video and we search for Youtube video downloader free download on google to get the video, which actually does not give much helpful result.

So What is Youtube video downloader and where can one get free download of it?

Youtube video downloader free download
Youtube video downloader free download

 Youtube video downloader is actually a download tool website which can help you download your favorite video, but the fact is that these websites are not at all legit and safe.


There are many coders who have built some types of YouTube video downloader free download just to get access to your secret data, so its not at all safe.

List of Youtube video downloader free download websites

Below is the list :

ytop1. com/en38

yt1s. com/en110

yt5s. com/en29

freemake. com/free_video_downloader2/

youtubedownloader. sh/en3/

savefrom. net/1-youtube-video-downloader-43/

ytddownloader. com/

dvdvideosoft. com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-Download-en5.html

youtubevideodownloader. site/


Above are some of the websites that you can find on google.


Is it safe to use Youtube video downloader free download?

Now a days there are many cases of data theft that comes around where a certain cyber blacklisted group uses the above types of website to secretly get your data.

As you install or use these kind of websites or apps the devloper who has made these websites and apps can get access to your data.


So as per experts its not safe to download something that can be harmful for you.


 Youtube video downloader free download Alternative 

The best way to download your favorite youtube is :

  1. To go on youtube
  2. Select your favorite video
  3. Tap on the options of download 


Just use the simple step to get your video instead of using any fake or harmful website and app. 

Final Point on Youtube video downloader free download details

The best and easiest way to get videos from YouTube and transfer them to your laptop is to use powerful video download software like Wondershare iTube Studio. 


There are many who have been using YouTube Studio for over a year and I believe it is the best software for downloading and recording videos on YouTube and other 10,000+ video streaming websites.

You can also use YouTube Studio to convert videos into various audio formats and popular videos. It can also be used to transfer videos from PC to Android and iOS devices. 


Now find YouTube videos stored on your PC, you need to copy the YouTube video URL and go to the "Download" section of YouTube Studio. Next you need to click "Paste URL" and your YouTube video will be saved to your iTube Downloader system


This is all about Youtube video downloader free download.


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