Order Export Quality Pomegranate From Maharashtra

Here are details of best export quality pomogrenate available from Maharashtra so order now.

Order Export Quality Pomegranate at best Rate

Order Export Quality Pomegranate From Maharashtra
Order Export Quality Pomegranate From Maharashtra

India is one of the top country exporting best quality pomogrenate fresh from farms.

Maharashtra Pomogrenate called Dalimba in local language is the best and its bhagwa quality is always in demand.

You will get best export quality pomogrenate fresh from farms at best rate so contact us today. 

Aanar, Dalimb, Pomogrenate Photos, Videos From farm

We have fresh quality pomegranate, aanar, dalimb available from Maharashtra areas like sangola, pandharpur, solhapur, sangli, Indapur which are best known for their best quality pomogrenate.

Humare pass export quality pomegranate, aanar, Dalimb available hai bhagwa quality directly farm se 


These are the best and most in demand export quality pomegranate so buy export quality pomegranate from us.

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Our Pomegranate Export Quality Characteristics 

Our Export quality Pomegranate in Wholesale full fills below requirement;

The desirable fruits of the new Pomegranate for export purposes that we deliver are are

• The dark red rose and pinkish-pink color of the fruit.
• Fruit weighs about 200 to 500 gms.
• Round fruit shape and globose.
• Same size and shape of fruit in a packet or box.
• Dark Rose Pink pink arils.
• Gentleness of characters.
• High sugar content at about 16-17 Brix.
• Free from scars, recurrence, diseased areas, insect damage, abrasions, etc.
• Smooth cutting at the end of the stem.
• Delicious taste and aroma
• Bracts / calyx without injury and freshness.

Information on Pomogrenate Export 

Pomegranate planting was introduced at the beginning of the Mediterranean again
eastern countries like India. 

The export of new Indian pomegranates was US $ 12.8 mn in 2005-
06, from US $ 3.0 mn in 2002-03, thus registering an attractive compound every year a growth rate of 62.8%. 

The largest exporter of pomegranates is the UAE, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Saudi Arabia. 

As can be seen from the scene above,
Between 2018 and 2020, pomegranate exports more or less remained the same except for shares in the Netherlands and Belgium, namely have become important ports of pomegranate export. In addition,
reliance on the country in the UAE as the largest area has declined as India is exporting pomogrenate to Dubai.

The Indian assignment pomegranate exports are about 6.4%, although the country is not the largest pomegranate producer. 

This clearly requires making the product more exportable focused, especially in light of the fact that the fulfillment of each unit in global markets much higher than the domestic market.

According to the National Horticulture Mission, the export of pomegranates is new
increased from 4,773 tons in 2001-02 to 6,303 tons in 2002-03. Exported
especially in the Gulf and SAARC countries. Its export to European countries has just begun.

Pomegranates of Maharashtra and Karnataka

The pomegranate is an important fruit plant of Maharashtra. Cultivated in place of
43,151 ha for a total production of 4, 31,510 tons producing approximately 85% of the total Indian production, thus leading to the production of Pomegranate in the country. 

In Maharashtra, Pomegranate production is concentrated in the West
Maharashtra District and Marathwada District. Pomegranates are for sale
grown in Solapur, Sangli, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Pune, Dhule, Aurangabad, Satara, Osmanabad and Latatur Provinces. 

The Ganesh, Bhagwa (Red Ruby) variety is planted in Maharashtra is suitable for export purposes. Currently the fair value of exporting to Pomegranate occurs from the province in the by the sea.

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