Order Export Quality Grapes @60 Wholesale Price

 Here are Super Sonaka Export Quality Grapes at best price also all get domestic quality pomegranate.

We have Manikchaman, Saadhi Sona, Jumbo, Sharad quality of grapes available at wholesale price.

Order Export Quality Grapes @60 Wholesale Price

Order Export Quality Grapes @60 Wholesale Price

Grapes is one of the most important exports done by India as we have been the largest producer of grapes.

Indian grape sellers expect a high rise in exports to Europe in 2021 as the epidemic discontinues to demand. 

As the decrease in export costs has prompted top retailers have been highly in interested in Indian grapes fruit market.

The annual growth rate of European grape export by India will incrase from 32% enrolled in 2016-17 to 12% positive in 2021.

Photos and videos of export quality grapes 

Below are the photos of fresh export quality grapes and domestic quality grapes directly from farm @55rs only.

These images are directly form farm and the export quality grapes are amazing to taste so order now.


Location of Export Quality Grapes Farm in India 

The export quality grapes are directly available from Maharashtra region.


  1. Sangli
  2. Sangola
  3. Solapur 
  4. Natepute 
  5. Nashik

For farm visit directly call @9834079794.

Grapes are grown on 111.4 000 hectares with a total production of 1,234.9 thousand tons in India (Shinde, 2016). 

Sixty percent of Maharashtra's total land is used for the cultivation of grapes. 

Thirty percent of Sangli's total land area is under the cultivation of grapes.

Just contact us today to get the best grapes.

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