10 Best B2B Portal For Export Business

Here is the list of best b2b portal for export business for you so that you can do good in your import and export business.

Without the best b2b portal for export business list you will find it hard to get yourself leads and sales as much as you would like, so take advantage of the internet base b2b portals for your import export business growth and improve your sales.

This is also the best b2b portal for export business in India, so using this list will give Indians an Upper hand.

List of Best B2B Portal for Export Business

10 Best B2B Portal For Export Business
10 Best B2B Portal For Export Business

Best B2B Portal For Export Business and other Business-to-business B2B is one of the fastest growing businesses in the field of IT and online trading and advertising. The reason why B2B platforms have so much access among other types of online platforms is that B2B platforms offer tons of sites and benefits to online businesses. 

Have you ever wondered what those benefits are? Connecting online retailers to potential online buyers is a key force in the B2B market. Retailers from all over the world opt for online e-commerce markets not only to find potential buyers, but also to grow their business and get more sales.

While the functionality and use of B2B is not new, new technologies and how the ecosystem is moving. Digitalism has made a huge difference in the way businesses reach their users. Traditional ways of finding customers and networks through events and cold calls are no longer the most preferred on B2B platforms.

While on the other hand, digitalism has increased the opportunities for B2B entrepreneurs. On the other hand, it has also made space extremely competitive.

The following are some of the leading best b2b portal for export business :

1. eWorldtrade

EWorldtrade one of the leading best b2b portal for export business, is on its way to continued success. The product is different from its fully designed platform that offers a variety of purchase categories. 

All the categories listed here have more than a thousand different products from the lowest to the highest levels of the market. Covering all industries from the public to the fashion, clothing to automobiles, the company ensures to provide a professional environment for a great shopping experience. 

Custom filters, easy-to-use search box, precise layout, intuitive interface and platform response mark the unparalleled features of their services.

The secret to online long-distance visibility lies in their business model backed by advanced AI bots. With the integration of artificial intelligence, eWorldTrade ensures the provision of a stress-free shopping experience to buyers and sellers. 

E-Cart Discovery. Flexible payment gateways and a reliable factory vision are added features that accentuate their unparalleled technical level. In addition, all the sections are neatly placed on the platform with attractive aesthetic functions to give a beautiful look to the platform.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba Group is a Chinese-based independent company based in Hangzhou dedicated to e-commerce on the Internet, including commercial businesses, retail businesses and consumer stores. 

It also offers online payment services, a price comparison search engine, and cloud data storage services. In 2012, two Alibaba sites combined to manage sales of 1.1 trillion yuan (170,000 million dollars), in addition to their two competitors eBay and Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books , DVDs and more are included.

The company operates in the People's Republic of China, and in March 2013 the Economist magazine estimated that the organization could earn between $ 55 billion and $ 120 billion. In 2013, it earned an estimated US $ 7.5 million and had an estimated 22,000 employees in March 2014.

3. Global Sources

Global Resources is one of the most successful B2B markets used for 49 years. An interactive, seamless and easy-to-use platform with a wide range of sales with trusted manufacturers and suppliers. Global Sources attract more than 1.9 million consumers and has more than 100 experienced retailers.

From running a successful and profitable advertising campaign to building a productive market for retailers, Amazon covers the entire eCommerce sector. One of the most encouraging things is the availability of all kinds of products on the platform.

4. Made in China

Made-in-china was founded in 1996; this is one of the most popular places in the world and is one of the largest online sites for Chinese B2B Portal. Focus Technology uses it, and the main reason for making Made in China is to provide easily accessible and advanced web-based solutions for small and medium enterprises to improve China's global trade.

With the Toprank service, you can make your product details randomly ranked in the top 10, because each keyword only sells the top 10; Of course, based on your needs, you can offer different levels of senior service members, but also help your product information to recommended external customers.

5. EC Plaza

Another Korean e-commerce website in Korea, ecplaza is presented in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. One of the fastest growing B2B websites in South Korea. EC Plaza started as a B2B trading platform in 1996, 

EC Plaza has grown to become the number 1 online trading platform that offers online and offline to more than 400,000 members. This online b2b platform does not only apply to B2B website, business consulting, EDI service, etc.

With a global network and high product reputation, we have expanded our business model in the global market by offering value as valuable as business opportunities, cost savings, and ease of use.

6. TradeWheel

Tradewheel is currently the best B2B platform to connect with many importers and exporters. It’s my favorite thing because it offers a lot of retailers and you can buy a lot of products and order the products you want in your favorite place. 

Every day B2B deals worth millions at Tradewheel. This platform has a large number of producers and distributors from foreign trade indexes. They have true buyers and suppliers in China who are famous for their products. 

We are sure you will be able to find the best deals here. Tradewheel is a great source for finding bulk products in various designs and specs and it is one of the most useful Best B2B Portal For Export Business.

7. Amazon

It is a US-based e-commerce platform, quickly making its name in the B2B industry. They have very large international users. Being a titan of online marketing, Amazon is the most widely used B2B site in the United Kingdom. 

The availability of certified suppliers and retailers has boosted consumer confidence in Amazon. The variety found on Amazon is huge and the list of international suppliers is huge which helps consumers find the most relevant one. Amazon also offers one-day delivery services, this service is available in several regions.

This is one of the best b2b portal for export business in India.

8. TradeIndia

The name of this portal is self-explanatory. Trade India is a B2B-based India port with its head office in New Delhi. Have millions of registered users who buy and sell globally. Its key categories include agriculture, health and beauty, food and beverage, industrial goods and machinery. TradeIndia is focused as a premium site for SMEs.

 9. DHgate

A well-known online trading website. DHGate remains proud of the millions of satisfied wholesale aluminum ***** manufacturers from all over the world. It is also a popular online trading website among Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. 

You will be able to connect with popular brands of the industry. Many useful and advanced features such as DHlink, DHpay mobile, DHport, and DHtraining enable users to participate in the global business plan.

10.  ECVV

ECVV has become one of the largest B2B centers in the world since its birth in 2003. It was created with the aim of facilitating effective international trade. 

Its headquarters are in Shenzhen, China, with production offices and warehouses in major developed countries in Europe and the USA. ECVV is a large platform with hundreds of loyal buyers and sellers from around the world. 

The variety on their website is unmatched, and they provide global consumers with new information for their suppliers and products.

Website: ECVV.com

These are the Best b2b portal for export business for leads and sales generation so use them for your own benefit.

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