Is Pig Farming Profitable Business For You?

Pig farming is a type of farming done to raise and breed pigs as livestock, and is a branch of animal husbandry. 

Pigs are mainly raised for food (eg pork, bacon, gammon) and hides

Pig Farming can be a very lucrative business for you and you can also make some good amount of money from Pig farming.

But still most of you want to know is pig farming profitable and how to start pig farming is the main confusion that comes across.

Pig farming is very economical and requires low work labor and less maintenance and the return over investment in a pig farming business is very good.

So here are some of the best points that answers your question Is pig Farming Profitable Business For You, so read this article and learn.

We have tried to write this article in a way that it answers all the basics of pig farming and tells you if pig farming is profitable in India, Uk and countries like Nigeria.

Understanding Pig Farming and Its Market

Pig Farming Profit
Pig Farming Profit

Is Pig Farming a Profitable Business According Market Analysis is the biggest question that arises in any ones mind when he or she thinks of starting this business.

So we would like to inform you that according to market analysis pig farming is one of the most awesome and profitable business in all parts of world due to the high consumption of non-veg.

We will answer the question "Is Pig Farming a Profitable Business" via the analysis of pros and cons. 

If you want to know if pig farming is a profitable business then you have come to the right place as here we present the details of the benefits of pig farming.

In preparing this article, we have carefully researched the benefits of pig farming. We have analyzed the benefits of pig farming in the US, India and around the world. 

At the bottom of this article we have listed the sources of the most interesting information we have included in this article.

In this article you will be ready to learn:

  1. Pig farming can be of great benefit if you personally process the meat
  2. There are several good ideas for raising pigs
  3. Finding your customers and meat buyers is essential to profitable farming
  4. Pig farming is required to meet certain legal and hygiene requirements

So Is Pig Farming Business Profitable or is it a hype?

The profitability of pig farming varies depending on how and in what way you want to sell the produced pig. 

Generally, in the US from 1 pork, you can earn a total profit of $ 100- $ 500 after half a year of farming depending on how you sell the pork, (whether you will process its meat or not and how you will feed it).

1 pound pig is usually sold for $ 2-4. Usually the price is about $ 3.5 per pound.

After slaughter and processing, pork produces about 55% (+/- 10%) meat. In severe cases, pigs may have less than 40% meat on the carcass. 

So with an average pig weighing 265 pounds [265 kg], the yield will be 146 pounds [146 kg] of meat. Therefore, medium pork without processing will cost about $ 511.

These rate can be converted into your country currency rate and then you can match it from your market rate and understand the pig farming business profit value.

Money Making opportunities via Pig Farming


Pig farm can generate good profits in many other ways besides selling pork (raw, frozen or used). Pig farmers can also make easy money by selling newborn pigs and selling pig manure used for composting. 

It is up to you to determine which of these items are the main source of income for you. But of course the main thing that comes in is the flesh, which is why we will focus on the flesh here.

Pork we process by making sausages, etc. It will cost a lot more. To make good profit from pig farming just learn the overall maintenance cost for breeding. 

When breeding is done correctly a pig farm can give you $ 428 profit per pig that too after just six months of farming. 

This result can only be acheived if there is proper breeding or fattening done by the farmer himself.

Market Analysis of US and Indian Market

The situation in the US pork market right now is very good and the forecasts also promise to be good. 

The global pork market was heavily influenced by African Swine Fever, fortunately not affecting the US.

African swine fever has plagued China, Vietnam, Russia, Eastern Europe and Central and South Africa.

Because there are African Swine Fever epidemics in many countries around the world American pig gets a lot of customers abroad. 

In July 2019, American pork exports to China increased by about 36% year-on-year. China, on the other hand, has produced 24.7 million tons of pigs in the first six months of 2019, a 5.5% decline from last year, according to figures from the National Bureau of Statistics, amid an African swine fever epidemic.


In addition, you should be aware that the profitability of the pork industry is directly related to the prices of grain and pork prices in the market. 

When market prices for pigs are high and grain prices are low, then profits are very high.

Pig Farming Profit according to Farmer

We highly recommend that you learn from the success of others and here we will list what a farmer told us about the defined costs and income of his pig farm. 

His most lucrative pig farming business model is to buy eight-week-old piglets for about $ 100 and keep them till end of the year, for processing before winter.

According to the farmer, the total cost of raising one pig on average is about $ 500 for him. 

It's a huge investment, but despite all this, he says, it pays off, because on average he sells one pig for $ 800, and as he emphasizes that $ 800 is the lowest.

Cost of Pig Farming 

Here is the cost of pig farming that makes the pig farming profitable business :

  1. The feed accounts for about three-quarters of the cost of raising a pig.
  2. Market pigs sell for between $ 2.00 and $ 4.00 a pound at an average price of $ 3.50 a pound.
  3. So if you want to buy an 80-pound pig you will pay about $ 280.
  4. Wheat, corn, soybeans, barley. It is the main pig food. Their price will be significant when you breed them.
  5. Significant costs also come from building a pig fence, building a pigsty, or other place where they will live.
  6. During life, each pig usually consumes about 500 pounds [225 kg] of food.

Important things to know before starting a pig farming 

Pigs need enough space. The little pigs will go into the small room. They will need a minimum of 4 to 24 square meters per pig per up to 100 kg.

Large pigs weighing more than 250 pounds [250 kg] will need at least 9 square feet. The fact is, however, that when we have the opportunity, it is best to give pigs more space that should have a positive impact on the growth and health of the animals.

Pigs often smell bad, so they should be kept away from your neighbors' homes.

The EPA does not regulate the range of pig farms from rural areas, but in some provinces it is regulated by law. 

But if the farm smells bad, then the neighbors can cause problems on the farm even if they live a short distance away.

Before you start a piggery business, it is very important that you carefully plan who will be your customers. 

It is good to contact local chefs, you can also sell at the farmers' market, and to individual customers.

Each pig farm must meet legal and hygienic standards.

So we have defined in general a profitable pig farming business model and we hope its enough to answer the question is pig farming profitable.

Is Pig Farming Profitable in UK?

Pig farming is a time honored business in the UK that has been running around since a long time.

However, the truth is that pig farming is still a profitable business given the scope of the business, even though some of the basic traditional pig producers may not be seeing the same high earning profits as their EU counterparts.

In Uk the meat loving people number is typically very higher and year by year its increasing so to meet the demand of the market rise the pig farmers are in a healthy business environment in UK.

Is pig farming profitable in India?

Although the number of goat and chicken meat eaters is higher in India the market of pig husbandry has been defined as one of the most lucrative, easy and simple business that returns good profits for small and marginal farmer.

The cost of maintenance , labor and other things being on lower side helps a pig farmer very much, it is recorded that India has more than 10 million pigs and swine fanning contributes to 7% of total meat production in India.

Pig Farming Profit : Average income from 20 Boars/Sow = 45,000 x 20= Rs. 9,00,000. Net profit from 20 pigs: Rs. 9,00,000.00 – 5,50,000.00 = 4,50,5000Rs.

5,50,5000 is an estimated cost of breeding a pig in India. So the overall profit is almost double which is really great for any kind of business.

Hence Pig farming is generally profitable in India.

Starting and Making Pig Farming Business Profitable In India

If You are looking to start pig farming in India then you are on the right track as there is an open untapped opportunity in the pig farming business.

As we have already explained the pig farming profitable outcome, we will give more focus on what you need to do and have in order to start your own pig farming.

List of Thing Your Need to Have to Start Pig Farming :

1. Your Own Land

2. Shade for the animals

3. Electric Connection

4. Labor rooms

5. Wastage area and manure

6. Electric Connection

7. Water supply

Classification in Pig Farming :

1. Breeding process to make pig farming profitable in India

 Breeding Business : In breeding Business farmer has the female and male grown pigs and then via the female the breeding process gives us baby pigs called weaners.

Each Mother Pig gives 8 baby pigs and the selling price of 1 weaner or baby pig in the market is 1200 to `1700rs.

So if you have 20 females pigs and each female gives you 8 baby pigs you can make 1200 to 1700 per baby pig.

So total minimum profit is 1200x8= 9,600 rs from one mother pig, so 20 mother pigs will generate approximately 2 lacs per month which is actually just profit.

2. Fattening process to make pig farming profitable in India

Fattening business : If you are developing your pigs for cutting purpose then your your way of working is fattening. One pig gets easily developed in 8 months.

In 8 months a small piglet grows to weight 120 to 140kg, so the cost you get from selling 1 pig weighing 100kg + is 10,000rs.

So if 10,000 rs is selling price of 1 pig and the maintenance cost was 5000rs you will easily generate 5000rs net profit from 1 pig.

So if you sell the 160 pigs after 8 months you will generate 16 lakhs rs from it as :

160x 10000= 1600000 rs is total revenue

160 x 5000 = 8,00,000 rs is the cost of maintenance.

So the net profit will be 8 lakhs rs.

This is just an estimate of the profit that shows pig farming profitable rate in India.

We hope you have a good pig farming profit rate if you are in pig farming business.

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