How to Import and Export Fruits From India To Usa?

The Import export business is a very lucrative business that is going very great for many people all around the globe and India is just as a devloping country is turning out to be one of the most Powerful exporter to USA.

So Below we are gonna discuss how to export fruits from India to Usa and other such things to help you guys get a good idea of the import export business.

The Structure of Import And Export From India To USA

In the above video from YouTube you will get through explanation on How to Import and Export Fruits From India To Usa and finding export buyers in USA.

The USA is the one of the largest importer of Indian goods and services and year after year the revenue from this Indo-US trade increases.

By June 2020 export revenue reached 287 INR Billion compared to May 2020 which was 216 INR Billion.

There are various export marketing programs also introduced by the Government of India to help businesses gain the benefits of international trade.

The Indian government has also launched a few online sites such as the Indian Trade Portal where anyone can learn international trade and much more.

You can also read the Department of Commerce Annual Report which includes many countries export data and many other useful trade details.

One can also contact the EPCES Service which is a government agency, to know more about importing into other countries.

Below we have written a detailed article about export processes from India to the USA.

Exporting To USA From India

We would briefly talk about some of the best agriculture goods and food. India has a wide range of food resources, especially fruits and vegetables. You must identify food products that can be produced by India. For example, India ranks first in the production of bananas and mangoes, and it ranks second in wheat production.

Let us give you a banana as an example. The Indian market share in the world's banana production is 31.4%.

A matter of fact is that United States ranks first in importing bananas from India.

This means you are likely to find banana suppliers in India and banana buyers in the United States.

Take soybeans as another example. India is ranked 10th in the export for soybeans, with an export value of $ 114.8M USD. And the United States is India's biggest customer.

* Note: the top export sources of soybeans from India

Here is more information on the top five exports of soybeans from India and the export price (in USD):

United States: $ 72.7M

Canada: $ 21.3M

Belgium: $ 8.2M

France: $ 3M

Spain: $ 2.8M

You can find soybean buyers from these countries. The key to any exporting business is finding vendors and finding buyers, and it’s always best to have more suppliers and buyers on your list.

Visit some good B2B platforms to find real-time market trends for your desired targeted products, as well as potential suppliers in India and consumers around the world.

The Process of Doing Business of Import and Export

As you must have noted it down that USA is one of the largest importer of Banana you must be thinking of getting your boat on it right so below are 3 steps to get in the game :

1. Connect with a genuine buyer in USA

2. Get Clear on the Payment terms like FOB and FOC etx

3. Always build a noted contract

Just never do business with anyone without any kind of legal binding that bounds the other party to full fill their part of the bargain.

Just follow these steps and you are good to go.

For a through detailed way on how to How to Import and Export Fruits From India To Usa just contact us and we will help you set up your business.

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