7 Benefits of Coffee grounds in Home Garden

Here are some of the benefits of adding coffee grounds to your garden and we have listed some of the most basic ones for you.

Coffee grounds can be beneficial for home gardening in many ways as it can provide the necessary nutrients to soil of your home garden.

Let us look at it in a very detailed view so that you know how to use it in your garden.

Coffee Grounds Benefits, Build up and uses

Coffee grounds in Home Garden

As we are looking at benefits of adding coffee grounds to your garden let us first look at the main meaning of coffee grounds and how they are made.

Understanding the installation and usage of coffee grounds will help you utilize their benefits better.

What are Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds are the used part or the left overs of the brewed coffee and these are generally regarded as waste but their main use is in making compost.

The benefit of adding coffee grounds to your garden is the same as adding any other form of good organic matter. Coffee isn’t special, and doesn’t provide any special benefits. 

Adding left out coffee grounds or leaf mulch, or straw, or grass clippings all provide the same type of typical benefit. You’re adding organic material which will then decay into compost over time.

Why using Coffee ground is convenient?

The use of Coffee grounds are very convenient because they can be available for free from some local coffee shops in significant quantities, and because their fine grind means they can decompose quickly. 

They also look like dirt, so you can mulch with them, without it looking like you’re spreading some kind of bad garbage around.

But again, there is nothing much highly special stuff about coffee grounds that makes it better or worse than other base organic matter. Its just one more thing you can be adding to your home garden compost pile.

Use and Benefits of Coffee grounds

We can easily reuse and recycle our lovely coffees grounds. If you want more ask your  neighborhood coffee shop barista .

The Benefits of coffee grounds for plants benefits :

1.You can grow very big and huge carrots when using coffee grounds in the soil. 

2. Coffee grounds can be used as mulch around plants. 

3. You can keep and deflect cats using your coffee grounds.

4.  Its keep the slugs away as slugs hate coffee!!! 

5. They are great to add to the general compost you might have. It give great nitrogen back to the mother earth. 

6. Coffee grounds are the best  fertilizer you can just use 2 cups grounds into 5 gallons water and water the plants. 

7. Some acid loving plants like more feed of acid— give them coffee grounds like its mulch. Examples are red roses, holly, gardenias.

Hence coffee grounds are great for plants and trees.

Removing bad garden odor with Coffee ground

Coffee Grounds are good at neutralizing and masking odors due to the pleasing fragrance it emits but not ideal for removing odors.

The steps to use coffee grounds for odor removal is as follows :

1. First Identify and Remove source of odor if possible.

2. Try to seal off the overall residual odor if it is deemed too offensive for instant rapid release.

3. Add Activated Charcoal, plain Charcoal is ok if you powder it into dust. Use a container.

4. Wait, check everyday. Add new charcoal every week. See step 1 for advice if bored.

5. When the smell is not coming or is minimal, add coffee grounds or other good fragrant stuff that does not rot.

6. Remove coffee grounds and charcoal. Repeat steps 3 - 5 until you are happy.

So this is how coffee grounds can keep your home garden smelling bad.

How much Caffeine remains in your garden used coffee grounds?

Caffeine is very fairly water soluble and so it is efficiently and easily extracted in the coffee brewing process. 

At room temperature, the solubility is around 16 mg/ml, but at a high temperature of 80 degrees C, a typical temperature in the brew basket, it rises to a temp of 200 mg/ml and is as much as 670 mg/ml in hot boiling water.

None the less, a good amount of caffeine remains in “spent” coffee grounds, that is, those that have been used in the basic and normal coffee making. 

The results were given out by a group of researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand who were looking at the possibility of using spent coffee grounds as a larvicide for disease-bearing mosquitos.

So the research showed Fresh brewed coffee contains almost about 0.4 mg/ml caffeine depending on the process and the brew method, but it’s a little hard to a priori compare dry coffee weight to wet grounds.

So it is easy to say the used coffee grounds do contain little amount of caffeine that is bad for the plants.

Is Fresh Coffee ground beneficial for a home lawn?

Coffee grounds are not very useful for lawn gardens until they’ve been thoroughly composted. 

As the coffee grounds  are just too acidic and have too much caffeine left in them to promote the overall healthy growth.

Example : A coffee ground with caffeine used in pot plant and got dosed with caffeine, and its leaves had absolutely screwed themselves up into spirals within an hour of the application. 

So using fresh coffee grounds for home garden lawn is not a very good idea, so make sure you drain the caffeine in your coffee grounds and properly compost it.

How does Coffee grounds Keeps insects away from your garden?

Coffee grounds Keeps insects away from your garden for the same reason tobacco does. Caffeine and nicotine are just pure insecticides.

Plants can't really run away from hungry insects, so they have to be kept evolved via use all kinds of chemical defenses in the form of chemical insecticides to defend themselves. 

Pyrethrum is a very common ingredient in store-bought insecticides, for instance, and it's an extract of chrysanthemums.

Nicotine and caffeine belong to a set or class of chemicals called the cyclic alkaloids. They are very useful potent neurotoxins that are deadly to insects. 

Cyclic alkaloids have the power to act on the brains of mammals as well, which is why we cultivate tobacco, tea, and coffee. In small doses, they act as stimulants to us. In large doses, they're very highly poisonous.

Will the use of Coffee grounds in your home garden can kill grass?

No, Coffee grounds will not kill grass at all; coffee grounds has mainly 2% nitrogen by volume. 

Nitrogen is very important for the growth of plants, coffee grounds composting releases microorganisms that assists in breaking down and allowing the base nitrogen loose in the compost.

As the nitrogen is out and released, it elevates the temperature of the overall compost, which assists in killing weed seeds.

This is all about coffee grounds, we will keep updating the information of this article for you,

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