10+ Benefits of Community Garden For You

Here are the benefits of community garden that will prove you the importance of the community garden, so read the full article.

In this article we are gonna discuss in detail on the benefits of community garden with their working system, land requirement and overall accountability of running them.

    Community Garden Benefits, Ethics, Ownerships and Maintenance

    Community garden benefits
    Community Garden Important facts

    Before pointing out the benefits of community garden we are gonna tell you the some basic facts about community garden, so let us start it from understanding what is a community garden.

    As community gardens have been very essential part of every persons life, we request you to read the below part of article thoroughly and learn why community garden is important for all the life it is surrounded by.

    What is a Community garden?

    Community Garden Definition
    What is Community garden?

    A community garden is defined as a single piece of land gardened collectively by a social group of people. This is known as community garden. 

    In other words Community garden are the main places where people come in support of each other as a group together to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits & flowers. These type of gardens offer many benefits for the community.

    So How are Community Gardens made and Maintained?

    Community garden maintenance
    Community garden maintenance

    As you must have visited to your community garden you must have felt how this amazing place is maintained right as you and others are enjoying the benefits of community garden some people are the ones giving their time and service in maintenance of it.

    Now community gardens are made mostly by the government body just like the ones shown in parks and recreation, although it can also be made by some private investor or the people of a community who collected money from the community to create the garden.

    Factors Important to Run a Community Garden

    To let people enjoy the benefits of community garden it needs maintenance so that it is kept clean, good and useful to people. 

    So below are the main factors needed to run a community garden ;

    1: Strong leadership - You need one person who is in charge and who is ready and willing to dedicate his valuable time to manage members, recruiting new members, organizing members meetings, and generally keeping everyone accountable for their actions.

    2: Member accountability - According to some good community garden leader, the biggest issue they always have are the members who did not pull their weight. They have to institute strict rules about attendance at overall monthly meetings and maintaining garden work. They have to emphasized that having a plot in a community garden is a privilege, and every member must take that given privilege seriously. If any member fails to come to these meetings or maintain garden, they will be asked not to come back next season.

    3: A central location for information - Working by the use of Google Groups to keep all important community garden documents (member list, bylaws, event dates and times) in one place, and to create one email address that sends email out to all the base members.

    4: Mulching - how many people fail to mulch their plots that mainly results in soil erosion, weeds, disease, and plant failure. Make sure that your members are mainly mulching their gardens. Contact a local vendor for bulk mulch supply and have all the members who want the mulch to pay in for the delivery.

    5: Reliable and ample water supply and budget for the pipe water repairs - All community gardens can have problems with the main water supply. So there much be schedule regular plumbing check-ups and maintenance of a proper budget for water repairs. You don’t want your community garden with zero water in the middle of August.

    6. Planation : A good community garden needs proper plantation.

    7: Games For Kids : All good community gardens must have sea saw, slides and other things that are needed for children's to play.

    Major Benefits of Community Garden

    Benefits of Garden
    Benefits of garden

    Below are some of the major benefits of community garden and the main things it does for us all are as below:

    1. Improving Social Life ; Community garden plays a major role improving the outlook of the society  and make it more safe, friendly and positive.

    2. Giving us pure oxygen : As we all know trees and plants exhale oxygen so the morning air of any community garden is one of the healthiest in world and thus it is great for the older citizens

    3.  Helping in Integration of Community-  These gardens brings together people who share a common interest with you from various backgrounds and various skills. It gives you the major ability to learn, teach, and engage with your local soil and vegetables. You can also easily trade and produce the things that you don’t grow with a neighbor that may be growing something you want.

    4. Giving Sense of Security : Community gardens have been known to provide a more secure feeling to the people as it is regarded as a place where good things happen and this creates a positive outlook in the mentality of general public

    5. Space to Exercise- Your day in the garden can prove to be a healthy serious exercise routine if you like to work out in open as it gives you open space and basic equipment's helping in movements of our bodies were meant to do. Great full body workout that produces a stronger body. How great is that?!

    6. Access to free land- The space of community garden is free to use for all and hence every person feels themselves to be a part owner of something very valuable.

    7. Helps in Unleashing our creativity - Community garden always helps you improve the general mentality of the common public by increasing general sense of safety and goodness around them.

    8. Connecting us to better food - Many community gardens provides us with the good food that is highly nutritional and beneficial for all of us and helping this food grow in the community parks provides a common man with a sense of purpose.

    9. Inspiring positivity - Watching a seed sprout and then see it grow into a 13-ft sunflower seems like a pure magic. Same when discovering a preying mantis on the pure flower stalks. And there is true beauty in a plot full of edible flowers, rainbow chard, and bright peppers and all this can only be witnessed in community gardens.

    10. Getting us outdoors - Community gardens helps us disconnect from all technology, and if we’re doing it right, we get sweaty and dirty by doing exercise in the garden that is great for health. The beauty of these gardens make us go and sit there and let us enjoy in the shadow of mother nature.

    11. Boosting our nutrition - Freshly harvested garden produce tastes so much better than anything we get in fast food centers and the conventionally grown, shipped and stocked in the grocery store. The garden food is more organic and healthy that helps boost the nutritional value in kids and adults.

    12. Fueling public generosity - As we all come together in one place to enjoy in the cool breeze of these community gardens, we all start to feel more generous.

    13. Breaking the age barrier - Kids, and adults, who otherwise have no common overlap come together to cooperate and plan, build, plant, tend and harvest in community garden.

    14) Improving Economies - Because the cost is often split between members of the community garden, the cost of  having a proper community garden is much less than the cost of growing your own at home, which leads to a high standards of living.

    Benefits of Community Gardens in USA and Canada

    USA garden benefits
    Community Garden benefits In USA and Canada

    The benefits of Community Garden plays a huge role in life of every American  and Canadian citizen,

    In United Stated all the Community gardens benefit the community with good food access by enhancing overall nutrition and physical activity as well as promoting the role of general public health.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends the general public for eating more dark green vegetables, orange vegetables, legumes, and fruits; eating less refined grains, fat, and calories; and obtaining 60 minutes or more of physical activity on most days in their community garden.

    Recent public health evaluations by the researchers show the benefits of community gardens as a promising approach to promote good healthy behaviors.

    The community garden are regarded particularly important in establishing good healthy behaviors among children given the rise of childhood obesity in USA and Canada. Some recent studies showed in Los Angeles showed a the benefits of community gardening and nutrition intervention improved overall dietary intake in children and reduced body mass index.

    Benefits of community garden also includes food security by providing residents with safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a very highly sustainable food system that maximizes the basic community self-reliance and social justice.

    The various benefits of Community garden initiatives have inspired major cities in USA and Canada to enact policies for proper water use, improved access to overall produce, strengthened community building skills, and created some good culturally appropriate education programs that help elevate the community's collective consciousness about the concern of  public health.[

    The benefits of community garden and the agricultural activity in communities build in USA and Canada is now regarded as one of the best way of promoting self-sufficiency, as well as community empowerment and public involvement.

    The benefits of community garden build in major spaces in cities and communities reserved for growing vegetables and flowers promotes wellbeing, neighborliness, and the protection of nature have been very highly useful for the human life in USA and Canada.

    Benefits of Community Gardens In India

    Indian garden benefits
    Indian garden benefits

    The Benefits of Community gardens in India have been long advocated by the kings or so called Maharajas and every old civilization in India believed to have a good community garden built in for public support.

    So India is one of the country that has largest number of community gardens and they are mainly the parks in every society of every big and small city in India.

    Benefits of Community Gardens in India is of large importance to its general public as you can see a well developed garden in every part of this country.

    As the people in India participate in community garden the entire community is benefited. Community gardens achieve various purposes social improvement, health improvement and life style improvement. 

    Here are a few advantages or main benefits of community gardens in India ;

    1. Community gardens helps social bonding  
    2. Community gardens help increase the employment rate and economics
    3. It improves overall physical and mental health
    4. Helps maintenance and improvement of nature
    5. Helps kid learn social norms and living social rules
    6. It helps a great deal for people below poverty line to earn god money
    7. Help to improve the ecosystem.
    8. People can enjoy social festivals at a same garden.
    9. Provide space to harvest our own food at a low cost.
    10. Community garden helps keep the cities clean and green.

    Community garden makes a city safer in terms of food and economy and renders livelihood to the urban poor. To meet the emerging health risks of pollution is it a great venture to grow fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood that provide health benefits as well as improves socialization. 

    How can you start a successful community garden?

    Tips To Start A Community garden
    Tips To Start A Community garden 

    If you want to start a community garden you need to be aware of the many steps involved in the process. So to provide the benefits of community garden to the people of your society you must follow the below steps :

    1. Establish a core planning committee
    2. Find the land
    3. Organizing and plan your garden
    4. Get connected with the community parks governing body of your city.
    5. Estimate the overall Cost of community garden
    6. Get all the legal papers to start community garden
    7. Get Water Supply
    8. Plant trees
    9. Get play grounds and exercise equipment's

    Above are the basic steps to consider while going to start a community garden.

    We hope you all enjoy the benefits of garden in the best possible way.

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