20+ Agriculture Facts Listed For You

Here are some of the most awesome and amazing agriculture facts that you must know about so read these agriculture facts and learn stuff.

As Agriculture is the backbone of our life and mainly every thing depends on agriculture in life, there are some agriculture facts that are so interesting that you will love to know them.

So as we are listing below some of the brilliant agriculture facts please remember to share them with your friends and family.

Amazing Agriculture Facts You Should know 

Agriculture Facts
Agriculture facts

So down below are some famous agriculture facts for you that are very interesting so if you are working in the agriculture field you will be very happy to know them.

These agriculture facts are for educational purpose, so below is the list for you.

1. Farming wad started being used as a method of agriculture began approximately around 11,400 years ago as nomadic tribes turned to farm during the First Agricultural Revolution.

Farming is one of the main activity that is beneficial for every human being and it was first started 10,000 years before. In todays world the importance of farming and agriculture is very important but the fact is that its importance was always realized by human being.

2. The Second World Agricultural Revolution occurred between the time of year 1700 and 1900 in industrialized countries but it is still currently occurring in some lesser developed countries today.

Agriculture revolution is the main thing that made changes in farming and it was deemed as one of the most important step in human history.

3. The Third Agricultural Revolution occurred in the late 1900s. It is also known as the Green Revolution, and this type of agriculture includes biotechnology, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified crops, and industrial farming practices.

The start of the Green Revolution, or the Human oriented Third Agricultural Revolution, is the set of main research technology transfer initiatives occurring between the year 1950 and the late 1960s, that increased overall agricultural production in parts of the world, its beginning is mainly marked in the late 1960s.

4. Shortly after all the humans started agriculture practice, plows were basically invented in the region of Middle East. 

The first plow invented was called an ard and that was made of the very strong tree branches that had been definitely sharpened. The ard is considered to be one of the most important and amazing inventions in terms of its ability to help advance society.

5. The first irrigation systems, built in approximately 7000 BC in Mesopotamia, included canals which were more in length than a mile long and it was wide as ten feet.

6. Arabs created a windmill in 644 AD that made it possible to pump water to irrigate crops.

 Arabs had created an awesome windmill in the year 644 AD that made it possible to carry out pumping of water to irrigate crops. The number one fruit crop in the world is bananas. Bananas are mainly grown in more than 100 different world countries.

7. The number one fruit crop in the world were mainly bananas. Bananas are grown in more than 100 different countries.

Banana is one of the most healthy food and these are grown in more than 100 countries of the world, so go get your banana.

8. There are more than 6,000 types of apples grown around the world. China is the country that grows more apples than any other country.

Apples are very sweet and they are very healthy, so they are always in demand and thus they are grown in various ways and various types all around the world.

9. In the year 1880s the tractor was first invented, which made it actually possible to plow the fields more efficiently. Today tractors are used for the process of plowing, planting, mowing, moving dirt, and harvesting.

The Tractor is one of the most used agriculture machine which can either push or pull the agricultural implements in farm fields.

10. Women make up 30% of today’s farmers.

Its been a fact that most of the women have been involved in the field of agriculture for centuries as you can see in many movies.

11. The tallest and the biggest trees or bushes do not always generally yield the most amazing fruit. Controlling the height of the plants helps produce more healthy fruit in less space.

Farming fact is that tress are always planted with a good space in between them.

12. Bees generally have up till contribute to 15 billion worth of crop of every year through Pollination. 

Bees actually provide very highly essential pollination services to US fruit, vegetable and seed growers, adding more than that of $8-14 billion annually to farm

13. Farmer often plants very big trees grounding the edges of the farm. These trees provide a windbreak which which helps prevent soil erosion.

Planting trees is mainly all about managing air and moisture in the field soil. Manage these correctly and the farm trees will grow quickly following planting

14. Figs were one of the major first fruit crops

Fig trees majorly produce two crops every year, but only one of them is regarded as edible. The first crop, called the main breba crop, comes out relatively early in the year on the previous year's growth. These fruits are frequently found to be very small, acidic and inferior in texture, but may be very useful for preservation.

15. More than 10 billion land animals in the united states are raised for usage in dairy meat and eggs each year.

Animal husbandry and the agriculture products based on them are very highly in demand all around the world.

16. More than 40% of todays world population is working in the field agriculture or its related fields making it largest employer sector in the world.

Agriculture is one of the worlds largest employing sector.

17. Tomatoes, Lycopersicum, esculentum, are classified as fruits not vegetable.

Tomatoes are regarded as fruits and not vegetables although you use them with every vegetable.

18. Rice, Oryza sativa, is majorly classified as grass, (very productive and useful grass).

19. Potatoes are not mainly considered as family of root crops it is actually a tuber.

20. Bamboo is defined as the tallest grass of all.

21. A farm can actually be small as 2 acres just like a football ground or as large as 23.5 million acres (major corporation owned).

23. A vineyard is the place where good healthy grapes are grown on vines.

24. A dairy farm is type of agriculture farm where milk is collected from the livestock, like cows and goats.

25. Subsistence farming is defined as the branch of agriculture where crops are grown and/or livestock is generally raised to meet the basic needs of one family or a local area. It’s estimated that more than 60% of the earth’s arable land (land where you can grow crops) was used for the process of subsistence farming in the year 2021.

So these are some of the best agriculture facts that you should know for sure.

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