Cost Of Investment For Successful Poultry Farming in India

Here are the details on how much investment for poultry farm in India is required, so if you are planning to own a poultry farm read it.

A poultry farm is economically good and can require a minimum of 3 lakhs(rupees) which is a good investment according to many as it in general depends upon your locality and the demand for that particular area. 

Generally poultry farming will basically require a small area when compare to other forms of farming and you require labor, electric supply, cleaning(hygiene). 

In order to have all this a person needs to have up to 4lakhs for small some people may tell you, but in this article we will give you an exact plan and detail analysis on investment for poultry farm in India.

    Details of Investment for poultry farm in India

    Investment for poultry farm in India
    Investment for poultry farm in India

    Directly giving the investment numbers will not do any good for you as the major part of investment for poultry farm in India will depend upon your place of purchase and market price.

    So just note down that there are two different things to keep in mind while looking at investment for poultry farm in India:

    1. Doing Poultry farming at a basic and smaller scale, where investments are very less, profits are also less and doing the poultry farm management is easy.

    2. Carrying out Large scale Commercial poultry farming, where the required input investments are huge and the base profit returns and risks are also very huge. Also large scale poultry farming will require proper management or the poultry farming business can fail in a day.

    I would recommend you to consult a poultry consultant first in case you are planning to take any such decision.

    Major Investments mainly needed To run a poultry farm according to Experts

    As per many of the consulting experts , the following would be your required amount of investment;

    1. Set Up cost for 4000 Birds – Approx. 5 Lakh rupees

    2. Equipment Cost For Poultry Farming – Approx. 2.5 Lakh rupees

    3. Food Cost for the birds (4000) – Daily cost will be 2000 rupees

    4. Electricity, water and daily operational cost investments  – Approx. 3,500 rupees

    5. Overall Monthly Investment on various things  – Approx. 85,000 rupees

    So if you can invest this amount of money to start your poultry farm then you can consider approximately a good monthly income of around 1,50,000 rupees.

    Different Models of Investment And Costing For Poultry farm in India

    Below are the main investment and costing of different types of Poultry farms as suggested by the institution of National Bank for Agriculture Development, India and from some other sources.

    1. Basic Investment and Costing For Layered Farming :

    A basic model project that includes total of 20,000 layer birds:

    Main Cost of construction of different types of sheds = 68 lacs

    Various regular payable cost (birds, supplies and insurance) = 46 lacs

    Total Cost of the farm land  = 40 lacs (for almost around 3 acres of land)

    The land costs can be different depending upon the place and cost of the market. Make sure you buy the land which is good from farming point of view.

    If you already own a farm then the cost will go down which will be a good thing financially for the overall investment for poultry farm in India.

    So your total investment for layered poultry farming in India will cost you between 1 crore to 2 crore with the cost of land included.

    2. Investment and Costing for Fastened Broiler Farming :

    This is a base model project for around 10,000 layer birds:

    Cost of major construction of different types of sheds = 22 lacs

    Basic payable costs for main supplies and insurance) = 11 lacs

    Cost of Farm Land (if now owned) = 49 lacs (for 3 acres of land)

    Again the land of cost can vary according to the area.

    Total Investment and Project cost = 31 lacs (with own land) and 72 lacs (without own land)

    3. Investment and Costing for a small scale poultry farm:

    In some areas of country there are some major helpful entrepreneurial models which promote the practice of poultry farming by small farmers.

    Costing for a small batch of mainly 500/1000 birds:

    The shed at cost can be around INR 15,000 maximum. Then you can have all things like the small chicks, feed and support in advance for level of one cycle.

    4. Major Cost and Investment for Your Backyard Poultry farming

    It is a traditional model of poultry that is practiced in villages and rural areas.

    No major capital required you just have to buy few birds.

    10 - 20 birds can be kept at a single house and then they can be reared to meet the demands of the eggs and chickens in that zone of the small village.

    Note: The exact investment for poultry farm in India can be different for each area as all the major cost will depend upon the conditions of that area.

    Facts about Investment for poultry farm in India

    Poultry farm does have the potential to give us good returns for the amount invested, time and energy spent and the cost of labor involved. 

    If you have your own farm land than the investment for poultry farm in India can be done on a commercial scale with good return on investment value. 

    It has been proved that the Agricultural laborer's, marginal and small farmers, have made huge profit with only 15000 rupees investment for poultry farm in India.

    The normal lifecycle of a bird is up to 18 months after which it is sold as a bird meat. The broiler can be sold at about 7 weeks when it attains a healthy live weight of approximately 1.150 kg. 

    As per the data on investment for poultry farm in India, for the usage of around 250 birds per cycle of 7 weeks amounting to 4 cycles, the investment required is is only Rs 12,000 and the profit is exactly double.

    All in all you  need to understand that the investment for poultry farm in India mainly depends upon the scale of the business you intend to do.

    Check out the per month income from poultry farming in India.

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