Details on Poultry Farm Income Per Month In India For You

Here are the details of poultry farm income per month in India, so you can read this article and be motivated to start your own poultry farm.

If you are thinking that the poultry farm income per month in India is very low or high based on assumptions then it is wrong as any business requires a good plan for success.

So if you are considering to start a poultry farm this article will tell you the great potential of poultry farm income generation per month in India.

    Profits and livelihood From poultry farm income per month in India

    Poultry Farm Income Per Month In India
    Poultry Farm Income Per Month In India

    Poultry farming has majorly emerged as one of  the fastest-growing segment not only in the main livestock sector, but for the overall agriculture sector as a whole. 

    Poultry farming has been one of the major type of farming that has been flourishing all over the world. Many people have made poultry farming as a great source of income, but several others cannot understand the profits in this form of farming due to a lack of knowledge and guidelines.

    So this article will make you understand the high poultry farm income per month in India due to various factors.

    Reasons that Poultry Farming Can Provide Good Income Per Month In India

    Top 5 Reasons that makes Chicken Farming Profitable and makes a person earn good poultry farm income per month in India are ;

    1. Meat chickens grow easy and fast : in 10-12 weeks you can raise day-old chicks to roaster size. This means a quick and good return on your investment. You can also do more than one batch of birds a year.
    2. Meat chickens required less space : you don’t need any extra land space to raise some chickens as the batch of just100 birds can be confined in about 1/5 of an acre without harming your farm land space.
    3. Poultry farming is time-efficient: caring for pastured poultry should only take not more than that of 20 minutes a day. This leaves good amount of time for other farm activities.
    4. Organic free-range chickens can give you great profits: if you have ever checked out the price of organic chicken in the stores, you will see that they are always charging a hefty price. This means you can get good margin for profit for your own set of organically grown birds.

    Organic chicken is very delicious and people are looking to buy it even at high cost so think on it.

    Investment That Improves Poultry farm income per month in India

    In comparison to other farming livestock, poultry farming requires very less investment on a small scale so any one with a farm can easily start with around 10 to 20 birds. 

    The cost of agricultural laborers are always very good and marginal n India and small farmers make good profit adequately if they start this business with proper planning and very little investment.

    According to various data present over media and internet and gathered from other successful farmers the average investment on fixed capital and total cost of rearing 100 chicks to the point of lay, comes out to be just Rs 24,000 only.

    As the base economic life cycle of a bird is about18 months after which it is sold as a bird meat and the broiler can be sold at 6 weeks when it weights up to 1kg the return on investment cycle is generally fast in poultry faming.

    Poultry Farming Provides Rapid return or profit

    The Poultry farm Chicken start laying eggs when they are of the age about 6 to 8 months and broilers get ready to be sold for good price in the chicken meat market at the age of 5 to 10 weeks.

    As the time period between the poultry generations is really short, it is very possible to bring about a high increase in poultry production in short intervals. 

    For example when you start with a set of pullets and a healthy cockerel, it is possible to produce 2000 pullets to sell in the market within 40 months, and if you decide not to sell then you can use the half a million eggs produced by them within 18 months. 

    In terms of providing a good high-quality protein, it would amount to 3 tons, so selling these eggs will make you huge profits.

    Poultry provides a continuous source of income

    For all the people who have questions about the poultry farm income per month in India, we would like to make it clear that it provides continuous source of good income monthly.

    Even though Poultry is regarded as a seasonal industry business but iti has the potetnial to generate 50,000 ruppees per month income.

    Moreover the time of returns are considered to be very early, as layers start laying at age of 6-8 months. Broilers start paying within 6 to 10 weeks. the farmers can take good care of poultry and earn a substantial income from eggs, meat, feathers, and manure.

    Poultry Farming Water requirements are less that increases the poultry farm income per month in India

    Unlike the amount of water needed for land cultivation or dairy farming, poultry farming requires very little amount of water both for drinking and basic cleaning purposes. One liter of water will be sufficient for around 6 to 8 birds in a day.

    Hence the cost of water and the problem of water faced by the farmer will be negligible thus increasing the profits.

    Poultry Farm Provides You With Stabilize farm income

    The failures of crop is the biggest issue face by the farmers in India due to unfavorable weather conditions or some other reasons.

    Although when a farmer follows the practice of poultry raising as a good side business that just tends to stabilize the overall farm income. 

    Poultry farming also gives subsidiary income, supplies the very needed fertilizers at no extra cost, cleans the existent farm crops from pests and worms, utilizes the overall waste products, and provides healthy off-season employment.

    So in simple worlds if a person invests about 4,00,000 rupees one time annually which includes your overall farm set up, chicks, food, employers etc there is a very chance that you can easily make up to 1,50,000 per month.

    So poultry farm income per month in India can be up to 1 to 2 lacs per month for a healthy investment of 4 lacs annually.

    Tips to Increase the poultry farm income per month in India

    You can easily increase the poultry farm income per month in India by ;

    1. Selling directly in the chicken market
    2. Renting the birds
    3. Providing the birds to big companies on contract
    4. Selling the batch of poultry birds to the nearby local restaurants
    5. Selling the poultry eggs in the organic stores

    There are many other ways to increase the assured poultry farm income per month in India, you just need to keep thinking of new ways.

    Check out the cost of investment for successful poultry farming in India.

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